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  • Integrated switchboards are used for the control of several fans spreading over multiple silos using the Aeration Manager Control system.
  • ACA designs and constructs the power distribution and switchboard in their Joondalup factory. A generator is purchased and adapted for remote control to allow the control system to start the genset prior to starting the drag chain.
  • A complete set of installation drawings is supplied for the electrical contractor to complete the installation.
  • In addition to the standard control features provided by the Aeration Manager , the following additional features can be installed:

    • Genset control
    • Analog monitoring of all the fans to detect individual fan failure
    • Expansion from 8 to 24 silo capacity.
    • Mobile Internet access with identical screens displayed at the local panel as well as the remote site(s)
    • Full control of the drag chain motors with soft starters and entry gate interlocks
    • Current monitoring of all fans to confirm operation
    • Outload conveyor integration in the control system
    • SMS alarm on equipment failure
    • SCADA system providing web based control and information on the system.