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Aeration Manager

The Aeration Manager is an aeration controller like no other. Gone are the days of relying solely on the ambient air conditions to control the fans.

Aeration control bungulla image
Using wireless routers we can even connect the system to the Internet to provide you with complete control and monitoring of you grain in storage, no matter where you are and using the same screens as the controller.

This is not a software option but comes as standard with every Aeration Manager, one more reason to select Australia’s most advanced Aeration Controller.
Controlling of your grain in storage has never been easier; from the touchscreen or your computer you select the grain type from the list of 20 grains, enter the inloaded condition, set the target condition and the controller will do the rest.

The Aeration Manager will base the activation of the fans upon the ambient air condition versus the grain condition. It will even automatically change from drying to cooling to maintenance and select the most appropriate air for each of these functions


  • Humidity and temperature sensor for ambient air
  • Independent control of 8 silos, each with different grain types and percentages of fill.
  • Fan feedback ensures accurate calculations of the grain temperature and moisture
  • Operational time window allows you to disable the fans during certain hours
  • Generator control provides automatic starting of a generator prior to starting the fans
  • Assisted heating control allows for the use of burners in conjunction with the fans


  • Three controllers in one; Cooling, Drying and Maintenance
  • Energy savings through the prevention of over-drying and reheating
  • Shorter aeration periods though more efficient use of the available air
  • Assisted heating allows for extended use of ambient air for in-store drying
  • Gentler drying improves the germination rate of seed grain
Aeration manager screen
Aeration Manager Screen
Aeration manager inload screen
Aeration Manager Inload Screen

**For more information call us on 1300 IND AUTO / +61 1300 463 288**